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THCFM~Rydon C5
Brendon's POV-
       "Hey Bren! So glad you could make it." Jon warmly greeted me at the door as I walked into his parents' upscale Nevada home. I look around at the huge fancy chandeliers and large-framed painted portraits of his parents' hung around their foyer.
       "Yeah, I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity," I say nervously, trying not to stare at Ryan for too long. shit he noticed me.
       "Hi Brendon. Didn't know you were auditioning! I didn't even know you played!" Ryan said, taking his sea-green Les Paul out of its case. I adjust my red-rimmed glasses from falling off the tip of my nose and reply to him the best I could.
       "I've been playing for a few years now, I sing too," I tell him, reaching over for the other guitar I was using for the audition. He nods at me and smiles, and then another guy
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THCFM~Rydon C3
Brendon's POV-
    After the run-in with Ryan, I haven't been able to stop smiling. I decided to run into the corner record store before heading home for the night, to pick up a Queen record I had ordered a few months prior. I shuffle into the store, and I wasn't paying very much attention because I walked right into another customer, around the same age I am. I adjusted my frazzled red-rimmed glasses, and asked the other guy if he was okay, he responded with a quick nod.
          "I'm so sorry, my name's Brendon, Brendon Urie, just in case you want to sue me," I said to him, trying to hold back a giggle. He half-smiled at me, and adjusted his vest, and fixed his fringe.
         "I'm Jon, Jon Walker," He said confidently, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a little business-like card. "You look like you might be interested, give me a call," I took
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THCFM~Rydon C1
Brendon's POV-
As I cut up the bananas and put them in the blender, while softly crooning my favorite song, "Welcome to The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. Whenever I sang that song I thought of Ryan. Ryan's a brunette beauty who I've only ever seen around the halls. I only know his name because of our mutual friend, Butch. I saw Ryan wearing an MCR shirt one day, and I decided to look them up. I even wear a MCR shirt to try to get his attention, but it just doesn't work.
I guess I'll have to try harder.
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Just A Number-C4
Gerard's POV-
I gracefully sorted through the piles upon piles of comics, often stopping to read them as well. I waited anxiously for Frank to come back from school. Damn it, why was I falling for a thirteen year old boy? He probably hasn't even hit puberty yet. I bet he has a crush on a girl at school, probably a cheerleader or something. Someone perfect, not an aspiring comic-book artist like me. My ears perked up when I heard the bell from the door ring, telling me we have a new customer.
"Hey Gerard," I sighed, disappointed. It was just my little brother, Mikey. His dorky body structure always made me giggle. The awkward way he walked was so different than anyone else. Everything about Mikey was different, that's what I loved most about my little brother.
"Oh, hey Mikey," I said, un-enthusiastically, immediately going back to sorting through the comics. He frowned at me, and pushed his glasses up a bit. They were practically falling off his nose.
"Were you expecting someone
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Running Away To Nowhere-~Frerard C3~
Frank's POV-
I lugged all my belongings down the empty, dark, and filthy Newark streets. I could hear muffled yells of abuse and possible murder, which made me feel real safe about being homeless here. I threw myself and my stuff down at a lit bus stop. hopefully I won't get mugged, raped, or beaten here.
As I sat there, a dark haired older-looking teen took the seat next to me. We exchanged glares, and I was mesmerized by his alluring hazel eyes. He took out his iPod, and accidently began playing music. Helena by the Misfits began playing at full volume.
"I love that song," I whispered to myself, smiling and twiddling my thumbs. I reached over into my bag of stuff and got out my iPod as well. I pushed in my earphones, but the man sitting next to me pulled them out.
"Yeah, the Misfits are the shit," He said rather cockily and smirked. He gave me a odd look-over, and saw all my belongings sitting next to me. "You're a runaway, huh?" He asked, scrolling through
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Just A Number-CH2
Gerard's POV-
I groggily wake from a deep alcohol infused sleep, to the screaming of my alarm clock. I quickly throw my jeans on, and keep on the Nirvana shirt I had slept in, tie up my black combat boots, and head out to work at the Comic store. It was close to my row home, so I can walk, thankfully, since I don't have a car. I trek along the side of the road, quickly arriving at work. I was surprised when I saw one of our frequent customers, 13 year old Frank, outside waiting for me to unlock the store.
"Hey, aren't you supposed to be at school?" I giggle and get the keys out of my black skinny jean pocket, and unlock the entrance of the comic store. I hold the door for Frank, and I laugh at his skeleton-fingerless gloves tightly gripping his black coffee, he's ever-so attached to.
"Yeah, I was already going to be late, so I thought, fuck it, I'll sneak in during lunch," He grins, and sits his coffee down on one of the tables, carefully using a coaster, like my boss prefers. I keep c
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Be My Savior?-Pikey-Chapter 6
Mikey's POV-
As the tears fell from my eyes, Pete held me close, kissing my head gently and telling me everything will be okay. Gerard's struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts before, and even though he doesn't treat me great, he doesn't want me to be suicidal like he was, so when he found those pills he got really mad.
"Do you want to come to my place to get away? You could meet Bronx," I half-smile and nod, then I get up and follow him out the door, before Gerard could say anything to either of us. He did give Pete an odd look, one that said, 'I know you from somewhere, I just don't know where'. Pete led me to his shitty little car, and he put the key in to unlock it. I hop into the passenger's seat and click my seatbelt on.
"Bronx may be sleeping, but I'm not sure. My neighbor sits with him while I work or run errands, she's an old lady, and she adores him," His face lights up when he talks about Bronx, I just love it. He puts his keys into the ignition, and begins to drive
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Dorm Room Daydreaming-Billierard OS
Gerard's POV-
"Mr. Way?" My 6th period teacher interrupted my naughty daydream about my boyfriend, Billie. After school today, I'm going to his dorm, and we'll be there all alone. Billie's in college, and I'm only in 10th grade, but we've been together since I was in 7th grade and he was in 11th.  We both agreed on the fact that age is just a number, and it won't stop us.
"I'm sorry, I'm really tired. It won't happen again," I apologized to my elderly teacher and he nodded than continued to rant about random math shit. I began to sketch on my math notes, but not the usual comic book characters, I drew Billie, butt naked. Once I finished I turned my paper over real fast, when I saw my teacher coming towards me. He signed a little pink paper and put it on my desk. I know what that pink paper means; it means afterschool detention.
"Afterschool today at 3:30, don't be late, Mr. Way," He mumbled to me, and began to walk away, but I stopped him.
"I'm busy, I can't today, sir," I co
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Back When We Were Teenagers-Contest Entry-Frerard
back when we were teenagers, everything was so easy. Life was so carefree. But now you're living in California, and I'm stuck here in Newark. I want to be young again. Just to be with you.
Frank's POV-
~11th Grade ~
The screaming of the late bell told me it was time to get to class. I was a badass, per say; I smoked joints behind the cafeteria, and I snuck a flask in my backpack. I strut into class, about twenty minutes late, as usual, to see someone sitting in my seat.
"Move, fag," I muttered maliciously to the dark haired boy sitting in my seat. He was sketching something on his book cover, but then he looked up. His alluring eyes looked into mine, and he scrambled to get up, and then moved to the back of the class. For the whole entire class, all I did was daydream about those divine eyes. I've never noticed that boy before, until now.
After class was over, I followed the handsome boy to his locker.
"Please, just leave me alone, I'm sorry I sat in your seat
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Be My Savior?-Pikey-Chapter 4
Mikey's POV-
My mouth dropped when I heard that Pete's loved me all along, and it dropped even more when he kissed me. I look him up and down, smiling at his black skinnies and purple sweatshirt he always wears. I can't stop grinning, I must look like such an idiot.
"Y-you have?" I ask him, stumbling over my words, I'm so nervous. He leans over and gently kisses my forehead. He runs a finger over the rims of my glasses.
"Mmhmm, I've always loved these glasses of your's too," He giggles and I take his hand and lead him to the basement.
"This is my room, sorry it's such a mess," He looks around and smiles, but his smile fades when he sees the beer and the pills on my nightstand. He never says anything, though.
"I actually dig it. I'm looking for a place like this for Bronx and I, but I'm dirt poor. How much do you pay for this place?" Pete takes a seat on one of my bean bags and keeps looking around. He then pats on his lap, for me to sit on it, so I do.
"I'm actually staying in t
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Running Away To Nowhere-Frerard introduction
Frank's POV-
   "Shithead, we're going out, stay here," My dad yells into my room, waking me ever-so kindly. I'm glad he woke me up, though. This is the perfect time. The perfect time to runaway. As soon as I see their car pull out of the driveway, I go into the closet and pull out a suitcase and throw it onto my bed. I open it up and shove all my band t-shirts inside, 2 pairs of black skinnies, a few pairs of underwear and socks, a box of condoms (just in case), my iPod, and all the joints I had in my room along with a lighter.
   I've been waiting for this day for so long, it's finally come. I ran into my parents' room and took all the money I could out of my father's sock drawer. I was ready to go. I bolted down the stairs to the kitchen, grabbed a pen, and wrote a little note to my parents.
Mom and Dad,
Fuck you, I'm never coming back.

I smiled then placed the note on my bed, then headed out the door. I lit up a joint I h
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Be My Savior-Pikey Chapter 1
Mikey's POV-
I pulled up the hoodie on my sweatshirt, shivering as I walked home from work. It's just another cold and rainy Newark day. I lived in my brother Gerard's basement, he didn't mind letting me stay there until I could make enough money to rent a place of my own. Gerard didn't treat me great, but he didn't treat me badly either. I was often awakened by the rattling of the bed above me, usually it was Gerard and his boyfriend, Frank fucking, but sometimes it was Gerard and one of his many hookers.
As I walked on the empty Newark streets, I arrived at Gerard's place. His car wasn't there, so he wasn't home. I'm glad; I wouldn't want him to be right upstairs when I overdose. I shuffle into the door of the shitty row home we lived in, and I kicked my shoes off at the door. I ran into the basement, and pulled a bottle of pills I had stolen from the drugstore a few months ago out of my pocket.
I had stolen the pills before I met Pete, when I wanted to kill myself. I was saving them
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Addicted-Rydon OS
Brendon's POV-
I open my eyes to see nothing but darkness around me, I'm completely cross-faded, and my head's throbbing. I cut my arm on a piece of a shattered beer bottle in my bed; I probably broke it in my sleep. My room in full with smoke from the lit joint I left on my night stand and my needles are all over the floor. My god damn cat knocked them down. I slowly got up, and went out into the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Ryan sitting in at my dining room table.
"What the hell are you doing here, Ryan?" I rolled my eyes and shuffled to the fridge and grabbed an ice-cold beer. I popped off the cap and took a swig, then slammed it down on the filthy counter of my shitty apartment.
"I want to help you, Brendon," Ryan gets up and grabs my full beer, and dumps it in the sink.
"What the fuck are you doing?" I shove him up against the refrigerator and pull back my fist, getting ready to punch him.
"I'm trying to help you! I hate seeing you like this! You're always high and d
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Best Christmas Ever-Frerard OS
"Frankie, wake up," 10 year old Gee trots into his 6 year old foster brother's room and wakes him up.
"I'm tired, Gee," The words come out of Frank's mouth a little slurred since he has 3 missing teeth. Frank pulls the Thomas the train blankets over his head, in hopes to get some sleep.
"It's Christmas, Frankie!" Gee pulls the blankets right off, throwing them on the bright-blue carpeted floor. "I can't wait for you to see the present we got you!" Frank's ears perk up, and he quickly gets out of his bed and bolts downstairs. His eyes widen when he sees a huge box without a top. Frank's too short to see in, so he has to wait for Mrs. Way to lift him up so he can look inside.
"Frankie, Gerard picked this gift out just for you, all by himself," Mrs. Way says, lifting Frank up so he can see inside the box. Frank lets out a girly, childish scream when he sees a little puppy sitting in the box.
"It's a puppy, Gee! A real puppy! It's fluffy! It's a fluffy baby!" Frank screams and giggles, rea
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Too Late-Frerard Oneshot
Frank's POV-
"Jamia, I'll be back soon, I'm going to the park," I slipped my feet into black combat boots, and tied them up tightly. I threw my black leather jacket on, and grabbed a umbrella. I went into the nursery and kissed my sleeping daughters, Cherry and Lily, on the forehead lightly, and did the same to my wife Jamia who was sleeping on the sofa.
"It's raining, Frank. You'll catch a cold out there," Before she could continue nagging, I was out the door. I made my way through the shrubs and tree branches, breathing the fresh rain smell of the air into my lungs. I almost slipped in the mud, but I kept going. I kept walking til' I saw a man with bright red hair sitting underneath a tree. It wasn't just any tree, it was the tree I almost kissed him when we were 13.
"Hi, Gerard," I sat down next to him, practically ruining my good black skinnies, but it was worth it to be next to him.  I found myself staring into his beautiful hazel eyes, and adoring his beautiful little n
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It's A Prison Romance-Chapter 3
I groggily shuffled up the stairs wearing a pair of bright blue skinny jeans and a fresh black tank top, just like the one I wore to bed. My mother was smoking on the sofa watching 6abc news, the local Philadelphia news station. She had just got home from work, so she looked like a fucking zombie.
"Hey mom," I looked at her, and she avoided eye contact.
"Get to school, Alex," She completely ignored me. I trekked into the kitchen and grabbed a pop-tart from the cabinet, grabbed my backpack, which was by the door, and headed out. As soon as I was far away from the house, I stopped and grabbed a joint from the middle zipper compartment. I also grabbed the small baby lighter from the front zipper compartment. I brought the joint to my lips and lit it up, immediately I felt so much better. My school wasn't very far away, so I walked. I took several lengthy, deep drags of my joint, and then I threw it away in a nearby trash can. I arrived at school. I winced at all the
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Umbrella Battle. Louis and Zayn. by morethanthismoment Umbrella Battle. Louis and Zayn. :iconmorethanthismoment:morethanthismoment 69 28
THCFM ~Rydon Chapter 4~
I sat up in a tree in my backyard, looking up into the leaves at the sun glinting through, casting little dancing lights along my arms, the leaves and the branches.
I began climbing down and went inside, grabbed my guitar and went to the auditions to meet up with Spencer and Jon.
I walked to Jon's parent's house, knocking on the door. When Jon opened it I walked in and plugged in my guitar. "Ready, guys?" I asked, looking at them. They nodded and we sat, waiting for the door bell to ring while randomly playing our instruments. Finally, the chime sounded and Jon stood and opened the door.
In walked Brendon Urie.
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Just A Number Chapter 5
**Frank's P.O.V**
"Because I'm with you." I replied hastily, almost instantly regretting my words. I was already puffed out from the cigarette that I'd had a few minutes prior, so I tried to disguise my red cheeked expression with that. I was an idiot, just saying that to him. He was probably going to want an explanation now. Most people did. Most sensible people did. Damn it, I'd told him the truth, the truth had just been on the tip of my tongue… but the truth hadn't been the right thing to say. Oh God, what shit have I gotten myself in now?
I try to act like I'm still all hyper and happy, even though I'm still dreading going back home when the store closes. Home is a hell-hole, Mom's not going to be happy about me missing an after school detention, the school will have rung her up… Dad's going to be in a fucking rage, I know that already… God, have I really just made things more difficult than they already are? Have I really just practically got the ball rolling for G
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P!ATD XXII by AnastasiumArt P!ATD XXII :iconanastasiumart:AnastasiumArt 9 4
100 Truths
001. Real Name : Kate
002. Nickname[s]: Er...'bro', sisfry or Katefry
003. Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
004. Male Or Female : Female
005. Elementary : sucked
006. Middle School : sucks
007. High School : It'll probably suck
008. Hair Color : Brunette
009. Long Or Short : shoulder-length
010. Loud Or Quiet : both
011. Sweats Or Jeans : Jeans
012. Phone Or Camera : Old-fashioned cameras, but since I don't have one, phone
013. Health Freak : er, no
014. Drink Or Smoke: I'd rather drink...
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Not really
016. Political orientation: I hate politics but my parents are Democrats.
017. Piercings: I want my lip but no
018. Tattoos: I want them so fucking bad
019. Airplane : No
020. Car Accident : Yep (when I was little my dad fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a pole :icongerardfacepalmplz:)
021. Fist Fight : Nope
022. First piercing: None
023. First Best Friend : (I forgot how to spell her name) I'm pretty sure it was Me-Me
024. Fir
:iconcloudpawlikesacookie:CloudpawLikesACookie 1 3
THCFM ~Rydon Chapter 2~
The next day at school, I wore my Beatles shirt and some grey jeans that hung loosely on my hips and a slightly too big MCR sweatshirt.
When I was at my locker, I noticed the boy, Brendon, from the smoothie shop walk by. He was wearing a MCR shirt and some white jeans, his glasses perched atop his nose and his hair spiked slightly. I watched as he walked by and caught his eye again, this time lifting my hand awkwardly in a half wave.
His cheeks were lightly dusted pink and he walked quickly away. I shrugged and lifted my messenger bag back onto my shoulder and headed out the door.
When I was about to pass the smoothie shop, I slammed right into someone, "Sorry," he mumbled. "Brendon, right?" I asked, "I'm Ryan, I've seen you around school." I held out my hand for him to shake.
:iconcloudpawlikesacookie:CloudpawLikesACookie 3 2
THCFM ~Rydon Intro~
I walked down the street and pushed my sunglasses farther up my nose. Just as I walked past the smoothie shop, I heard singing from inside and turned to listen, seeing a boy with red-framed glasses and brown hair singing for the customers while he made smoothies.
Our eyes locked for a moment and a blush rose to my cheeks before I hurried away, eyes attached to the concrete beneath my shoes. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow I thought.
:iconcloudpawlikesacookie:CloudpawLikesACookie 2 2
RAAAAWR by CrimsonredDragon1 RAAAAWR :iconcrimsonreddragon1:CrimsonredDragon1 7 0 Spitting Water by CrimsonredDragon1 Spitting Water :iconcrimsonreddragon1:CrimsonredDragon1 6 0 Quinn by CrimsonredDragon1 Quinn :iconcrimsonreddragon1:CrimsonredDragon1 5 0
Society Is Ugly.
Society is ugly.
Not you.
Beauty is defined by
How you act.
Not by the number on the
Starving doesn't work.
Purging doesn't work.
Pills don't work.
The girl you see
In the mirror is
Just the way she is
Don't get upset because
You don't match up
To the media's
Cutting won't work.
Crying won't work.
Dying won't work.
Remember this:
Society is ugly.
Not you.
:iconsteeephanie:Steeephanie 1,534 708
The Story of Sapphire Grenade.
Sapphire Grenade.
The Fabulous Killjoy Character of KilljoyAtHeart.
Real Name: Christina Elle (previously Lydia) Linette
Nicknames: Sapphire, Sapphi/Saphi, Mercy, Grenade, Elle, Christi, Tina, Peanut (Fun Ghoul's name for her), and Blue (Poison's name for her.)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian American, although with strong Italian roots
Birthdate: 7/18/1995 (age 24)
Occupation: writer and artist as well as fighter
Location: Unknown
Relatives: Adrian Linette (brother), Alice Linette (mother), Sella Linette (sister; deceased), Angioletto Linette (father; unknown)
Friends: The Fabulous Killjoys, Bat Heart (Pete Wentz), Soul Punk (Patrick Stump), Psychotic Pandemonium, Color Crush, Music Junkie, Colorful Mayhem, Prime Directive, Star Dust
Relationship Status: Dated Party Poison for several years but they eventually broke apart (he belongs with Frank xD), the
:iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 29 25
Our Lady of Sorrows! ~Frerard OS~
Gerard darted after Frank, grabbing his wrist and pulling him close, "We could be perfect one last night." Frank sighed and stared at his hands, "And die like star-crossed lovers when we fight?" he yelled, "And we can settle this affair?"
Gerard pulled him closer and held out his hand, "If you would shed your yellow take my hand," he murmured, pressing his lips gently to the shorter boy's, "And we can solve this mystery of laceration gravity." They stood for a bit, pressed together, their lips connected before Frank pulled away and pressed his ear to Gerard's chest, wrapping his arms around his waist as tears ran slowly down his white painted face, "The riddle of revenge, please understand it has to be this way." Gerard breathed, burying his nose in Frank's dark hair, breathing in the familiar scent of him.
He lifted Frank's chin up to his, "Stand up fucking tall." He waited for Frank to answer him, remember the words they had shared when they had first begun this affair, "Don't
:iconcloudpawlikesacookie:CloudpawLikesACookie 4 14
Running Away To Nowhere ~Two Frerard~
Gerard's POV
I pushed the door to my balcony open and climbed out, lugging my messenger bag after me. I swung it over my shoulder when I got out and swung one leg up and over the rail. I screamed inside just as I swung my other leg over, "Fuck you all!" and grabbed the wooden rail with both hands and let my legs hang down.
I dropped down as I heard my dad's thundering footsteps on the stairs, Mikey following. I dashed across the perfectly cut lawn, past the large weeping willow and past the garden gnomes my mother had collected over the years.
"Gerard Arthur Way! Get your fucking ass back here." My father roared. My auburn hair hung in my eyes, I needed to re-dye it.
I darted out into the street, in front of a car. "Dumbass!" the driver screamed.
I ignored it all and kept running, finally free of all beatings and Mikey's torment. I was free.
:iconcloudpawlikesacookie:CloudpawLikesACookie 3 5
Just A Number - CH1
**Frank's P.O.V**
I close my eyes, sighing, taking another gulp of the hot, dark, steamy liquid. I bat my weary eyelids and gulp again. Now it's half gone. I take in the deep, strong aroma, trying to distract myself. Strong, black coffee usually helps. It also normally helps to tackle my tiredness in the morning, before I have to go to school.
I'm thinking about him again. The cute guy at the bookstore. The one who always says hi when I go in to get another batman comic. The one who helps me restack the x-men comics when a whole pile of them falls down on top of me. The one who first guided me around the store. The one who always tells me about the new and upcoming comics and recommends the ones he thinks I'd like. The one who's busy making his own new one. I… I kinda… I think I like him.
Taking a bite from my now-cold buttered toast, I get to my feet. I'm late for school already. I brush a couple of crumbs off the thighs of my trousers. I'm already late, by like, half
:iconlittleblackmariah:littleblackmariah 4 3
Holy Mikey by Napkep Holy Mikey :iconnapkep:Napkep 94 15
things and fanfiction that make my life complete


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